Weight management
In 2013 the guardian published an article saying that 60% of the UK population are overweight.

The BBC news announced in 2013 that 95% of slimmer’s regain the weight and that in the US alone $40bn to $100bn was spent on diet products.

The global weight loss management market was worth $265 billion in 2012 and is expected to reach $361 by 2017 according to The Wall Street Journal in May 2013.

I believe it’s not about weight loss, but about weight management. Many diet programmes have us shredding pounds on the scale which has us loosing not just fat but muscle mass also which affects our metabolic rate. When our metabolic rate declines we burn fewer calories and regain the weight. When losing weight we need to keep our metabolic rate high to ensure we burn more or the same amount of calories. Most of us know that weight management is about exercising more and eating healthier however it is not always that easy for people. Years of habits, cravings and being uneducated in this field has a person confused.

I have partnered with a company who are focusing on a system that improves overall body composition supporting the maintenance of lean muscle while promoting healthy, overall weight loss. This 90 day programme has four proprietary nutritional products and a science-based eating plan, along with lifestyle suggestions to help you reach your goals. The nutritional products are designed to target healthy metabolism, lean muscle and appetite control.

Remedial Sports Massage
Sports massage and remedial massage therapy is not just for injured individuals but can offer numerous benefits to uninjured individuals who are looking to prevent injuries, aches or pains. Many injuries come from working patterns and not always our hobbies, sports and/or activities. As a massage therapist since 2001 I use a combination of techniques to suit each individual. I was awarded the Nick Carter Memorial award for contribution to Massage Services in March 2010 from my own sector, Scottish Massage Therapists Organisation. To book an appointment with me for treatment please contact Sumo Therapies on 01324 630888 or go to www.sumotherapies.com for more information.