My career in health and wellbeing began in 2001 when I signed up for my Diploma in Clinical Aromatherapy. At that time I was a technician and my mother was unwell with M.E. We found that conventional medicine had no impact on her condition and had been given advice regarding essential oils and how they may be able to help mum. We decided the best way to learn more was to do a Diploma. Good always comes out of bad and had my mum not been unwell this is a career I would never have chosen. I had no intention of changing career when I began the course, however quickly realised the potential to help others and have a career I would love. I continued with my studies and gained Diploma’s in Reflexology, Swedish Massage, Remedial Sports Massage and Advanced Remedial Massage. I attended many CPD courses that enhanced my skills in health, wellbeing and anti-ageing. In 2008 I was introduced to Dr. Peter Levy DC who travels the world teaching NMR Seminars and functional nutrition. We became business partners in 2009 growing our anti-ageing business. Anti-ageing is so much more than external and this is what attracted us both to this business. There is no point looking beautiful on the outside if you are rusting and rotting on the inside and so we work with unique products that help us internally and externally.

I enjoy keeping physically fit, travelling and meeting new people which is why working within the Anti-Ageing/Health and Wellbeing sector is the ideal business for me. I believe everyone has the ability to create a great future for themselves and I have a passion for helping others achieve their goals.